Ikena Cloud

Introducing Ikena Cloud

Ikena Cloud uses MotionDSP’s suite of image processing and computer vision libraries from its flagship Ikena ISR real-time video processing application, and delivers them in a scalable, Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based service via a REST-API. Developers and integrators can use API calls to request Ikena processing on a cluster of powerful AWS GPU instances.Sign Up for the Beta

Ikena Processing In The Cloud

What if you could harness the power of Ikena ISR’s real-time video processing without requiring your own expensive hardware? Ikena Cloud consists of the same image processing and computer vision libraries but delivers them as a scalable web service. Our RESTful API facilitates the processing and retrieving of data while allowing developers and integrators the flexibility to use their favorite tools. This server-client model provides a convenient method to advance your existing capabilities without significant changes to your application.

Ikena Cloud Workflow:

  1. Send a file or live feed to Ikena Cloud via API call, specify enhancements using an Ikena preset
  2. Ikena Cloud will use the Ikena processing engine to produce the desired result in the background
  3. Request the enhanced output as a live video feed or file

Ikena Image Processing Algorithms

Ikena Cloud uses the same proprietary algorithms that power our Ikena family of desktop applications.

Super Resolution
Patented algorithm combines multiple frames of video to recover details and remove noise.

Recover twice the resolution with our patented kernel regression deinterlacing.

Stabilizes shaky video from the most extreme cases with multi-frame stabilization.

Haze Reduction
Adaptively removes haze from video taken both at long distance or nearby.

Lighting & Contrast
Helps you uncover details hidden in the shadows of your videos.

Radial Distortion Correction
Corrects the “fisheye” distortion of wide-angle lenses common on drones and GoPro cameras.

Use Cases

Live Video Dissemination

Systems that produce or distribute live video feeds can use Ikena Cloud as a pre-processing step within a streaming pipeline. Ikena Cloud accepts live streams, applies one or more algorithms, and creates a new enhanced output feed in real-time. End users enjoy the benefits of Ikena processing within your live video framework, without the need to introduce them to a new UI or application.

Video Archive

Ikena Cloud can add powerful image processing capabilities to cloud based video archival systems. Use the API to send any video file asset to Ikena Cloud and apply one or more of Ikena’s video processing algorithms; enhanced videos can then be saved alongside existing “original” videos, providing users with additional insights and views. Processing jobs may be triggered manually by end users via your existing UI or automatically using your existing batch processing engine. Whether jobs are triggered on demand or in batch, the Ikena Cloud API calls are the same.

Video Surveillance Systems

Integrate Ikena Cloud processing into an existing surveillance system and experience 3-fold benefits:

  1. Greatly improve the fidelity of live security camera feeds; especially if they are grainy, low-resolution, or interlaced. The result: better data for decision-makers in real-time.
  2. Apply any number of enhancement presets to archived footage when more information is crucial.
  3. Reduce time spent by a human operator. Analytical processing provides valuable insights on your coverage area, including motion tracking data – saving human resources for more important tasks than watching a camera feed.

Drone Mapping

UAV or drone systems that need a fast mapping solution can utilize Ikena Cloud to create beautiful mosaics from a series of still images or a video file. When a mosaic is desired, Ikena Cloud will stitch the input data and output a single image of the viewed area. Depending on metadata in the source data, the output file will be georegistered to allow displaying the mosaic on a map or GIS system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ikena Cloud designed for consumer use?
No. Ikena Cloud is designed with developers and integrators in mind. Our goal is to make it easy to integrate Ikena capabilities into new and existing systems. While some of those applications may have a consumer focus and fulfill consumer end-user needs, Ikena Cloud is not intended for direct consumer users.
How does my system communicate with Ikena Cloud?
Any system capable of sending and ingesting JSON data over HTTPS can communicate with Ikena Cloud. You’ll need to write some logic into your application in order to effectively use Ikena Cloud processing (such as when and how new processing jobs are started), but the communication is fairly straightforward. We have examples which use the popular Requests library for Python to demonstrate communication with Ikena Cloud.
How does Ikena Cloud access my video data?
One of two ways. For file based processing jobs, you’ll need to upload your video files to Ikena Cloud via an upload API call. For live streaming jobs, you’ll need to provide Ikena Cloud with the stream details of the incoming stream when requesting the job.
How is output handled?
Ikena Cloud output falls into several categories. For jobs that result in video file output, a video file is produced and temporarily stored on the Ikena Cloud server; a link is produced to make the video file available for download. Some jobs produce output that consists of one or many images (mosaic / stitching jobs); image files are handled almost identically to video files. Lastly, various metadata/analytics produced by Ikena Cloud are served as either JSON web service return values or XML/KML file download.
Will you write the integration code for my application?
No, that isn’t part of this beta program. We are looking for outside developers to provide feedback on our API. If you have considerable video processing needs but do not have software developers please contact us via our website contact form to learn about our existing solutions for you.
Who should try the beta?
Developers, integrators, and innovators. Large corporations, startups, and anything in-between. If you’re building a cloud system that’s innovative and new or if you’re maintaining an existing system, let us help make that system more powerful by adding the power of Ikena algorithms in the cloud.
What are the expectations for participants of the beta program?
Test Ikena Cloud with your data. Find bugs. Offer suggestions and feedback. Preferably, write some code in the system you plan to integrate. In most cases, we’ll ask for a demo of what you’re building. In the case that you complete the integration with Ikena Cloud, we would like to include you in our showcase of success stories.
What will happen once I complete the beta sign up form?
Participation in the beta program isn’t automatic. Due to our desire for meaningful communication, we need to ensure the right groups are included. We’ll reach out to you to discuss your use case and determine if Ikena Cloud is a good fit for you. During the beta phase, we want to make sure we work with groups who will greatly benefit using Ikena Cloud services. Apply now to ensure you don’t miss the signup window.If my project is accepted into the beta, how do we get up and running with Ikena Cloud?
You can start by viewing an internal UI that we’ve built on top of our web services. This was built specifically to show off and test our back end. Not only can you use it as an idea springboard, but we’ll also provide code snippets to reduce development time. Our dynamic API documentation will be provided to ensure all endpoints are exposed. We expect you’ll get most of what you need from it. A communication channel will always be open – we’ll answer any and all questions as they arise. Once you are ready to write code, we’ll help you securely connect to our cluster.

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