Ikena Spotlight 8.0

Video and Audio Redaction Software

Automate the process of blurring faces, license plates, or other personally identifiable information with MotionDSP’s Ikena® Spotlight video and audio redaction software. Compatible with digital and analog video from any source, our proprietary algorithms accurately automate redaction, saving you hours of labor and making it possible to redact Digital Media Evidence and deliver FOIA requests faster than ever.
Ikena Spotlight is one of the only software products on the market that was built specifically for redaction. It works with video from any camera source, and isn’t part of a larger evidence management system. Schedule a demoDownload the brochure

Time is money. We’ve got features that save you both.

Ikena Spotlight’s latest release is the first after joining Cubic Mission Solution’s C2ISR business unit. Ikena Spotlight has even more redaction and workflow enhancements designed to save you time and money.
Automated face suggestion & tracking
Spotlight’s automated detection and tracking tools greatly reduce the number of steps needed to mask and blur objects, removing the need for frame-by-frame redaction and automatically suggesting and redacting faces.
Create clips & snapshots
Easily create and export a clip or still image snapshot of your video to present as evidence in court or to share and get the public’s help to identify suspects.
Audio redaction
Bleep, mute, or modulate specific clips of audio in your video to protect the identities of witnesses, minors, victims, and undercover police officers. Works with video audio and audio-only files.
Process any video resolution
Spotlight’s 64-bit architecture and GPU-accelerated video processing allow the application to process standard definition, high definition, and 4K videos smoothly and efficiently.
Visualize audio files
The waveform bar in Spotlight gives you a visual representation of audio in your video to more quickly identify where potential dialogue is taking place.
Export redaction reports
Generate an editable or read-only report that documents all video and audio redactions made to your video for use in court or public release.

Use Cases

Spotlight the important
Prepare video evidence for court by highlighting a person’s or object’s activities, even in the background or in dark areas of a video. This help focus the audience’s attention on the most important info.
Obscure the irrelevant
Focus attention on the movements of the suspect or relevant actions by obscuring and masking the distracting parts of the video. This allows cases to be made more quickly and clearly.
Protect the innocent
Obscure or redact images in video footage of people who need to remain anonymous, or are not part of the relevant events. The innocent are protected, and the irrelevant are no longer a distraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Ikena Spotlight license cost?
Licenses are perpetual meaning once you purchase them, you own them forever. One year of support and product updates is included with each license. If you wish to stay current with the software, you must renew your support after the first year. For detailed pricing, contact us here.
Will Ikena Spotlight work with my body cameras?

We’ve tested video files from nearly every major body camera manufacturer including Axon, Panasonic, WatchGuard, Reveal, COBAN, Digital Ally and more. Our software is meant to be camera-agnostic and work with video from nearly any source including, but not limited to, security cameras, dash cams/in-car systems and mobile phones.

Spotlight has a built-in screengrabber capability that can be used to re-record video that is not compatible for direct import into Spotlight. Screengrabber records the video as it is played in the native file viewer, and captures both video and audio for processing inside of the Spotlight application.

What are the system requirements for this software?
For a list of specific system requirements, please visit this page. Basically, you’ll need a modern Windows-based desktop or laptop with a good graphics card.
Are the video redactions reversible?
To prevent a redaction from being reversed, we recommend using our solid color option to redact faces and objects. This method permanently changes the pixel values in the chosen area creating an irreversible redaction.
Is support included with a license?
Yes, each perpetual license includes one year of support and product updates. Additional years of support can be purchased upfront at a reduced price. Keeping your support current means you’ll have access to all of the latest upgrades and features, as well as phone and email support from our team.
Is your solution fully automated?

New advances in computer vision have further advanced accuracy in computer aided facial detection and tracking. We’ve leveraged these techniques in the latest update to our proprietary facial detection and tracking algorithm, optimizing it to perform with body camera and other video recording devices.

Spotlight can automatically detect and suggest all the faces in a scene, saving you from the time consuming process of manually identifying and selecting faces as they appear throughout a video. Spotlight then automatically tracks the selected faces through the rest of the video – doing most of the work for you.

While we do have automated tracking technology to make redaction much faster, we don’t claim to be fully automated. We’ve seen claims from competitors that no human interaction is needed with their software, but this simply isn’t true. There are dangerous and costly repercussions if someone’s privacy isn’t protected properly. Read more here.

Do you offer demos?
Online demos are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday, excluding holidays. Please sign up for a demo by filling out our online form here.
Are the audio redactions reversible?
No. “Mute” completely removes the audio in the given section. “Beep” completely overwrites the audio through the beep signal in the given section. “Resample” distorts frequencies of the audio which changes the pitch randomly, not with a predefined value, so the audio cannot be reversed to its original state.