Ikena Forensic Use Case

Justice for Montanta State Troopers

A Montana State Trooper was killed during a high-speed pursuit of a suspect on a Montana highway. The suspect fled the scene. Ikena Forensic enabled analysts to stabilize the shaky, blurred video retrieved from the trooper’s mounted dashboard camera. Using an overlay from a still photograph taken at the scene, MotionDSP engineers clearly proved what happened: the suspect’s car was driving on the wrong side of the road when it clipped an oncoming truck.

This action forced the truck to veer into the trooper’s car, resulting in the state trooper’s death. Ikena also clarified the image of the suspect’s car, aiding in identifying the make and model so the suspect could be identified.

While the case is ongoing, MotionDSP provided a strong lead in the search for the suspect and enabled the police to use the crude VHS tape from the on-board camera as forensic evidence to prove that the suspect’s illegal actions directly caused the death of the state trooper.

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Additional Use Cases

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