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  • Trajectory Magazine

    Resolutions are Increasing Faster than Moore’s Law. From 2009 to 2014, video resolutions increased from SD (640x480) to 4K (3840x2160). That’s 27 times more raw pixels. In the same period of time, the processing power of GPUs increased by 33x, but Moore’s Law saw CPUs increase by only 10.3x. New aerial and space sensors are here, but are your software and hardware prepared to process all that data?

  • GCN

    California-based MotionDSP began making Ikena Spotlight about five years ago to redact video from surveillance cameras. Since then, the company has added algorithms to redact footage from cameras in motion -- such as body cams -- and is getting ready to launch the latest version this spring with audio redaction and modulation, improved tracking and a faster workflow for decoding and encoding video.

  • PoliceOne.com

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly referred to as drones, have been a popular topic among both businesses and law enforcement agencies due to growing interest in their use in non-military applications. Police departments can deploy drones to improve their ability to enforce the law and protect lives, all while saving valuable resources like police officer time and tax dollars.

  • VentureBeat

    Drones will soon be blended into our everyday lives. They will be easier to fly — even autonomous. They will fly themselves on preset courses safely without a pilot. Then innovative computer vision and image processing algorithms will help analyze the drone imagery and convert the data into useful information in real time. Flying cameras plus high performance computing plus fast data processing technology equals more accurate answers than we have ever had at our fingertips.

  • NAB Show Daily News

    Today, with detection tracking algorithms and video enhancement programs, the company’s applications help explore the critical topic of how to maximize the efficiency of military and forensic analysts by removing routine tasks from the individual. “Trained analysts are very good at what they do,” said Varah. “However, their skills lie in understanding human behavior and what is happening in a given situation. Through this software, they can spend more time thinking, and less time working to get there.”



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  • Acquisition to expand image enhancement and processing capabilities for Cubic Mission Solutions Burlingame, CA—February 22, 2018Reposted from release on Cubic.com SAN DIEGO – February 22, 2018 – Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) today announced the acquisition of MotionDSP, a leading provider of advanced image processing software for public safety, security and government applications. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, MotionDSP further enhances Cubic […]

  • Major Upgrade Adds: Body-cam stabilization, auto-brightness, lens correction, and new 64-bit, GPU-accelerated architecture Burlingame, CA—June 28, 2017Burlingame, CA, June 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MotionDSP, a leading provider of desktop and cloud video redaction and forensic software, today announced the launch of Ikena® Forensic 7, a major upgrade to its industry-leading video forensic software solution. […]

  • Third-Generation Tracking Technology Enables Simultaneous Tracking Of Multiple Objects Burlingame, CA—May 31, 2017Burlingame, CA, May 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MotionDSP, a leading provider of video redaction and forensic software, today announced the launch of Ikena® Spotlight 7, the company’s latest major upgrade to its industry-leading video redaction solution. Ikena Spotlight 7 is the latest […]

  • Video Redaction Software for Protecting Identities of Innocent Civilians and Undercover Police Officers Burlingame, CA—August 2, 2016Silicon Valley-based company, MotionDSP, today announced its second major release of 2016 for its advanced video redaction software, Ikena Spotlight. The new release focuses on making the software faster and easier to use than ever before through GPU-accelerated object […]

  • Redaction Software Designed to Protect Identities and Increase Police Transparency and Accountability Burlingame, CA—May 18, 2016Silicon Valley-based company, MotionDSP, today announced a major new release of its advanced video redaction software, Ikena Spotlight. The most notable update includes powerful new tracking algorithms that help automate the process of blurring faces and other personally-identifiable information found […]