Ikena ISR: Real-time enhancement of FMV

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Better video, now

Ikena ISR (Ee-Kehn-Ah) is MotionDSP’s flagship product for processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED). It incorporates the very best in MotionDSP's patented image processing technology, delivering both high quality image processing and speed. Unlike competing image processing solutions, Ikena ISR operates in real-time, at 30 frames per second, at very low latency. 

Ikena ISR is capable of enhancing video, creating advanced imagery products, and doing video analytics on-the-fly on live streaming video. To achieve this level of performance, Ikena ISR leverages off-the-shelf Graphics Processors (GPUs) and high-performance CPUs. Ikena ISR is a Windows-based solution that offers scalable performance on a variety of PC systems, from embedded PCs on an aerial vehicle, to remote laptops, to high performance workstations and blade servers.  
Ikena ISR is simple to use: load Ikena ISR on a Windows PC that meets our specifications, plug in your video source (IP or analog), and get better video. Ikena ISR is capable of streaming out "fixed" video via IP video stream, enabling integration into any IP video system
Ikena ISR supports operational deployments across the US DoD and Intelligence communities, and has proven to be effective at increasing the resolution and signal-to-noise ratio of existing ISR (EO/IR/Night Vision) sensors on nano to tactical-sized platforms, using patented super-resolution-based image reconstruction technology.