Real-time 2D Mapping Software

Real-time 2D Maps from Full Motion Video

Our geospatial awareness tool, Matchpoint, is built on top of Ikena ISR’s sophisticated video enhancement software. With accurate metadata, each pixel in your video becomes a coordinate that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of any object in the scene. Matchpoint can correct for inaccurate metadata and even geo-reference video with no locational information.

By aligning features within your video to existing basemap imagery, every pixel is tied to a known point on earth. With geo-referenced video, you can quickly derive coordinates, create accurate 2D maps and render video frames within GIS systems such as Google Earth and ArcGIS.Request PricingDownload Brochure

4 Simple Steps to Create 2D Maps

Our suite of image processing algorithms address issues such as haze, blur and contrast in real-time.
Replace existing or missing metadata by aligning features within video frames to existing basemap imagery.
Create seamless mosaics where every frame of video is stitched with previous frames.
Overlay your collected data on Google Earth or ArcGIS to create up-to-date maps from video.

Use Cases

Pipeline Inspection

Inspecting and identifying damage in underwater pipes is time-consuming, and expensive. Pipeline services companies, hired by oil companies, deploy underwater cameras to scan miles of underwater pipe looking for damage.

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Wildfire Air Attack

The next evolution of fire fighting is the inclusion of video and geolocational data from air attack assets. Ikena ISR can transform live aerial video from images to information through real-time video enhancement and geospatial product creation.
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Festival Planning

Event officials were planning for their annual two-day festival drawing around 2,000 people. While the festival had never encountered a serious issue in its 10-year history, the event organizers wanted to be prepared for any contingencies.

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