Airborne Law Enforcement

Real-time Intelligence from Aerial Video

Law enforcement agencies in more than 35 countries use MotionDSP’s Windows-based video forensic and redaction software, but for the first time, the airborne law enforcement community now has access to our real-time video enhancement and intelligence software, Ikena ISR.

Ikena ISR’s powerful image processing and computer vision capabilities, paired with an open architecture that allows it to work with any sensor and easily integrate with other IP video and geospatial applications, results in unparalleled innovation at a fraction of the cost of competitive onboard solutions.

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Augmented Reality for Situational Awareness

Ikena ISR enables airborne law enforcement professionals to overlay street names, addresses, and other important areas of interest on live sensor video to improve situational awareness. This capability frees the sensor operator from needing to reference maps and other location data and instead, focus on properly filming vehicles, individuals on foot or other activity.

Ikena ISR’s open architecture enables it to support Google Earth and other future GIS systems your organization may use.

Identify and Share Important Information from Live Aerial Video Feeds

Real-time Video Enhancement
Improve the quality of live video feeds in through advanced image processing algorithms including stabilization dehazing, and light, color and contrast.
Fast 2D Mapping from Video
Quickly geo-reference video data and create accurate and seamless 2D maps from your video feed within minutes to a couple hours.

Detection & Tracking
Automatically detect and track multiple moving vehicles, watercraft and people as small as one to two pixels wide.

Mark and Label Points of Interest
Use advanced intelligence features to mark locations of drugs or weapons being dropped, accidents during traffic pursuits, and other important location data by simply clicking on the video feed.
Trace Paths of Vehicles or People
Tracing the path of a vehicle or person is as simple as panning the camera. Ikena uses the center frame location to create accurate poly-line shapefiles that are easy to share with any GIS system

Proud Sponsors of the Airbone Law Enforcement Association (ALEA)

ALEA is a non-profit educational, individual membership organization, founded in 1968 to support and encourage the use of aircraft in public safety. ALEA is over 3,000 members strong, from the international to the local level, and provides networking systems, educational seminars and product expositions for.