Partnerships – Ascent Vision

Our Partnership with Ascent Vision

When time, lives or money on the line, organizations need to be able to get in the air, collect video and quickly process that information to create real-time products that provide critical intelligence. Together with Ascent Vision, we’ve created a video collection and processing solution that has the same capabilities of larger sensor systems, but at half the cost.

Our joint solution solves challenges found in a number of industries including forestry, public safety, inspection services and more. Ascent Vision’s sensors collect high-quality EO and IR video and stream that data directly to Ikena ISR. This system processes the feed and creates products on-the-fly that provide actionable intelligence to analysts, operators and inspectors.

Ascent Vision’s Gimbals

The CM100 is a dual-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal which has been specifically designed for use on unmanned aircraft.

The CM160 is a rugged multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal designed for use on large unmanned aircraft and small manned aircraft.

The CM202 is a direct-drive multi-sensor stabilized gimbal designed for use on large unmanned aircraft and small manned aircraft.

About Ascent Vision

Ascent Vision is a U.S. based company specializing in precision technologies for the manned and unmanned aerospace industry. In particular, Ascent Vision manufactures and distributes best-in-class gimbal systems throughout the Americas and Africa.

Ascent Vision also manufactures aircraft integration mounts and proprietary software programs for its full line of gimbals. In addition to aerial applications, Ascent pursues integration of its systems into ground-based vehicles, maritime vessels, and other platforms benefiting from gyro-stabilized camera systems.Visit Ascent Vision