Ikena ISR Use Case

Attack Scenario

The following describes an experiment done in collaboration with the US Air Force to test an operational scenario. Preparing an attack may take months of preparation. Before and during the attack, the commander needs real-time information on the situation on the ground. The only source of information may be a small drone that supplies quality-challenged video — in this case, overexposed, interlaced shaky video.

In this example, Ikena ISR’s proprietary algorithms correct the live video in real-time, stabilizing, reducing overexposure, and eliminating interlacing artifacts to reveal that there is indeed a third person on the deck. The enables the commander to launch a successful raid with all threats correctly identified.Explore Ikena ISR Request Pricing

Additional Industries

Oil & Gas

Inspecting and identifying damage in underwater pipes is time-consuming, and expensive. Pipeline services companies, hired by oil companies, deploy underwater cameras to scan miles of underwater pipe looking for damage. Read more

Airborne Law Enforcement

Airborne law enforcement units use Ikena ISR to improve video feeds in real time, create accurate vehicle follow paths and identify and mark points of interest, and overlay live video over existing basemaps for improved situational awareness. Read more


The next evolution of fire fighting is the inclusion of video and geolocational data from air attack assets. Ikena ISR can transform live aerial video from images to information through real-time video enhancement and geospatial product creation. Read more