Our Journey to Creating a Video Redaction Solution for Law Enforcement

The concept of video redaction is simple, right? You have a face, license plate or some other personally identifiable piece of information that needs to be blurred out before being shared with media or the public. While simple in concept, developing a solution for this task is actually pretty complicated. I’ll take you through the journey of creating our video redaction software, Ikena Spotlight, what we learned along the way, and where we’re taking the software in the near future.

MotionDSP – 10 Years After Michael Arrington Covers us in TechCrunch

As I was starting to write a blog post celebrating MotionDSP’s Fast 500 award, our VP of Marketing came across an article about us written nearly 10 years ago by TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington. It was fascinating reading his article along with the comments and reflecting on my vision for the business at that time. Oh, how so many things have changed.

Don’t Believe the Hype Behind Automated Video Redaction Software for Body Cameras

Recently, a few companies in the body-worn camera space have been marketing what they consider to be fully automated video redaction capabilities. While we applaud efforts to work toward a better video redaction solution for law enforcement agencies, it’s important to shed some light on why some of their claims are untrue.

14 Things Police Should Consider Before Purchasing Body Cameras

It’s no secret that the adoption of body cameras by law enforcement has been one of the hottest debated topics lately in the United States. Even the President has proposed a three-year, $75 million investment that could help with the purchase of 50,000 body-worn cameras.

Reveal Media Body Cam

Join our Ikena X Beta Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of our beta program for Ikena X, a commercial version of our military-proven software, geared toward organizations wanting to enhance video and imagery taken by drones, robots, and other cameras.

Ikena X Screenshot

Drones Could be the Next Big Frontier for Entrepreneurs

Drones are everywhere — in the news and soon to be (legally) in the skies. They are quickly moving beyond their controversial military use and taking on the role of force multiplier in a myriad of industries including agriculture, inspection services, humanitarian, conservation, and emergency services.

Water Bomber

Top Issues for FMV Analysts

It used to be that tactical use meant rudimentary FMV capabilities. Simply watching the live feed from a SUAS doesn’t fit the mission requirement any more. Analysts are under pressure to deliver richer intelligence from challenging tactical environments, and to do that, they need higher-tech tools.

Drone Flying

Extracting Data from Drone Video, How Computers can Augment Humans

What was once exclusively the tool of the military is quickly permeating all of US culture. What civilian industry can learn from how the military extracts data from drones.

5 Ways Computer Vision Makes Our Lives Better…and Safer

As we turn the corner into 2015, I want to highlight a once futuristic technology that is already changing our lives in many positive ways: computer vision—training computers to investigate images and understand them the way the human brain does, but without human fatigue and at massive scale. In years to come, this technology will continue to help make our lives safer and easier.

Man on Laptop

Big Video Data Could Change How We Do Everything — from Catching Bad Guys to Tracking Shoppers

Everyone takes pictures and video with their devices. Parents record their kids’ soccer games, companies record employee training, police surveillance cameras at busy intersections run 24/7, and drones monitor pipelines in the desert.

Skybox Satellite Image