Ikena ISR Use Case

Fighting Forest Fires

The U.S. Forestry Service fights thousands of forest fires each year and contracts out tens of thousands of hours of fire-spotting services and aerial water bombers. The challenge in fighting a forest fire is that it moves quickly, and the fire-spotting aircraft need to accurately locate the active fire so they can direct the water bombers to the correct location.

Spotter aircraft fly over the fire using infrared cameras to detect where the active fire is, pointing the water bombers to that location. However, even the best cameras have an error range of as much as 500 meters which is not accurate enough to pinpoint water drops accurately. Water bombers can take an hour or more to reload and return while the fire continues to spread. Thousands of dollars can be spent on wasted water drops, and millions of dollars in damage can occur unnecessarily.

Ikena ISR is used to mosaic the video from the spotter aircraft in real-time and immediately plot the mosaic onto accurate maps, allowing the “heat” sensed by the infrared camera to be accurately pinpointed on the map. Then, the water bombers can be given an accurate geo-location they can plot into their GPS and drop in the correct location.Explore Ikena ISR Request Pricing

Additional Use Cases

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