Ikena Forensic

Forensic Video Enhancement Software

Ikena Forensic enhances video from any source to clarify the critical question: What happened? With Ikena Forensic, analysts can quickly and easily identify important details like faces and the make/model of cars to produce forensically valid evidence. Now, decision makers like judges and juries can clearly see the facts that only experts could discern before. Ikena Forensic is currently used in law enforcement, commercial security, intelligence, test and measurement and transportation.Request PricingDownload Brochure

1. Import

Upload Video from any Source

Easily import video from body cams, dash cams, CCTV, security cameras, mobile phones or any other video source.

2. Enhance

One-Click Video Enhancement

Ikena Forensic’s intuitive user-interface includes one-click “auto settings” presets, and fine-tuning controls. Works fast on your laptop or desktop Windows PC.

3. Export

Reproducible Results for Court

Export enhanced snapshots, videos, and auto generated reports that are ready to present in court as evidence.

Ikena Forensic’s Capabilities

Super Resolution
Patented algorithm combines multiple frames of video to recover details and remove noise.

Recover twice the resolution with our patented kernel regression deinterlacing.

Lighting & Contrast
Helps you uncover details hidden in the shadows of your videos.

Stabilizes shaky video from the most extreme cases with multi-frame stabilization.

Use Cases

Justice for a Montana State Trooper

A Montana State Trooper was killed during a high-speed pursuit of a suspect on a Montana highway. The suspect fled the scene. Ikena Forensic enabled analysts to stabilize the shaky, blurred video retrieved from the trooper’s mounted dashboard camera.

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NCIS Surveillance Video

Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) had surveillance video of a suspect’s vehicle passing a security camera. Although the vehicle was in clear view, the letters on the license plate were unreadable.

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Apprehending Shoplifters

Shoplifting costs US businesses billions of dollars annually. Retailers maintain a database of known thieves and shoplifters and keep photos of the individuals. They compare surveillance images with their photo database of known shoplifters.

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