Ikena Forensic 8.0

Produce forensically-valid evidence from low-quality video using our intuitive video enhancement software, Forensic. Patented super-resolution algorithms reveal an unseen level of detail in three simple steps: import, enhance, export.

Trusted by organizations like the US Secret Service, NCIS, NYPD, and police departments across America, Forensic requires no time-consuming training, technology expertise, or special hardware to use and accepts video from any readable source, including body worn cameras.
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Get forensically-valid evidence from low quality video in minutes instead of hours.

Ikena Forensic’s latest release is the first after joining Cubic Mission Solution’s C2ISR business unit. Ikena Forensic has even more enhancement and workflow improvements that will save you time, money, and headaches.
Upload video from any source
Easily import video from body cams, dash cams, CCTV, security cameras, mobile phones or any other video source.
One-click video enhancement
Forensic’s intuitive user-interface includes one-click “auto setting” presets, a live preview bar, and fine-tuning controls. Works fast on your laptop or desktop Windows PC.
Reproducible results for court
Easily export enhanced snapshots, videos, and video clips, plus, generate reports that are ready to present in court with evidence.
Make connections across case evidence
Our software interface is organized to enable intuitive processing of case-related evidence. Group video evidence files by case, within the same workspace.
Live-preview enhancement bar
Configure preset enhancement filters based on your common uses so you can apply filters with one click. Hover over presets to see thumbnails of enhanced video before applying.
Export enhancement reports
Generate editable or read-only reports that document all video and audio edits made to your video for use in court or public release.

Demo Videos

Enhancing security camera video evidence of a license plate
Enhancing a face from CCTV footage with
poor lighting
Exporting video forensic reports for presenting evidence in Court

Stabilization tailored for body-worn cameras
Improving the quality of low-light
video evidence
Review of Ikena Forensic
on PoliceOne’s Innovation Zone

Identifying Faces

In a perfect world, all of your video evidence would be shot in HD, in great lighting and with the person of interest perfectly centered in the frame and looking right into the camera. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Oftentimes, details are lost due to shadows, camera shake or other environmental factors out of your control. Ikena Forensic can help you recover many of those details, in minutes, with little training needed. The end result is forensically-valid video that’s ready to present in court and completely reproducible.Request Pricing

Reading License Plates

Enhancing license plates from CCTV cameras can be both time-consuming and likely the least exciting thing you do all day as an analyst. However, getting a license plate number can mean the difference between catching a suspect or them getting away. A license plate in your video may be unreadable for a number of reasons including low resolution, lossy compression, motion blur, poor lighting or noise. Even if you’re not an expert video analyst, Ikena Forensic can help you quickly address all of these issues by utilizing features like our patented super resolution algorithm, lighting and contrast filters or deinterlacing algorithm.
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Recover Lost Details

Unlike other software that uses frame-averaging techniques, Ikena Forensic can extract detail from scenes with movement, both moving and non-moving objects and complex scenes that combine both camera and object motion. To enhance a frame of video, Ikena Forensic’s patented super-resolution algorithms analyze multiple neighboring frames and choose the best pixels to literally reconstruct a higher-resolution version of the original. This results in the ability to ’scale-up’ a small video to a larger size while adding new detail and significantly reducing video compression artifacts.Request Pricing

Use Cases

Justice for a Montana State Trooper

A Montana State Trooper was killed during a high-speed pursuit of a suspect on a Montana highway. The suspect fled the scene. Ikena Forensic enabled analysts to stabilize the shaky, blurred video retrieved from the trooper’s mounted dashboard camera.
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NCIS Surveillance Video

Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) had surveillance video of a suspect’s vehicle passing a security camera. Although the vehicle was in clear view, the letters on the license plate were unreadable.
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Apprehending Shoplifters

Shoplifting costs US businesses billions of dollars annually. Retailers maintain a database of known thieves and shoplifters and keep photos of the individuals. They compare surveillance images with their photo database of known shoplifters.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Ikena Forensic license cost?
To receive a quote, please fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours (M-F). Please note, Ikena Forensic is a professional suite and we do not recommend our software for home users.
Is support included with a license?
Yes, each perpetual license includes one year of support and product updates. Additional years of support can be purchased upfront at a reduced price. Keeping your support current means you’ll have access to all of the latest upgrades and features, as well as phone and email support from our team.
Who uses your software?
Ikena Forensic is used by some of the top law enforcement agencies in the world including the US Secret Service, Scotland Yard, Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), London Metropolitan Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and many other law enforcement agencies in the US and around the world.
What are the system requirements for this software?
For a list of specific system requirements, please visit this page. Basically, you’ll need a modern Windows-based desktop or laptop with a good graphics card.
Will Ikena Forensic work with my video?
Our software is camera-agnostic and works with video from nearly any source including, but not limited to, security cameras, dash cams and mobile phones. We’ve also tested video files from nearly every major body camera manufacturer including Axon, Panasonic, WatchGuard, Reveal, COBAN, Digital Ally and more.
Does your company provide video enhancement services?
We develop and deliver software to professionals, agencies, and consultants. We do not provide video enhancement as a service. We suggest searching for a video forensic lab if you need this type of service.