Ikena Spotlight Spring Release

What’s New in Ikena Spotlight 6?

Now available, our latest version of Ikena Spotlight was built to handle the numerous tracking challenges found in body cameras and address other important privacy requirements from police departments. We’ve updated our tracking algorithms to greatly decrease the number of steps involved in redacting moving faces or objects. We’ve also added new audio features that help improve privacy. Users now have the abilty to bleep or mute audio and diguise voices to protect the identities of minors, witnesses and victims. 

To learn more about the numerous updates in Ikena Spotlight 6, please see the information below.Contact Us

New Features

Improved Tracking Technology
New and improved tracking algorithms have been added to greatly reduce the number of steps needed to track and blur faces and objects.
Create Snapshots
Create and export a snapshot of any frame in your video to present as evidence in court or to share to get the public’s help to identify suspects.
Audio Redaction
Bleep, mute or modulate specific clips of audio in your video to protect the identities of witnesses, minors, victims and undercover police officers.
Timeline Trimming
Users now have the ability to trim videos to redact and export the sections that are most important and reduce file sizes.
Audio Waveform Bar
A waveform bar has been added to give you a visual representation of audio in your video to more quickly identify where potential dialogue is taking place.
Embedded in Ikena Forensic
For those that have purchased Ikena Forensic, you can now use Ikena Spotlight to redact videos in the Forensic interface without switching applications.