Ikena WAMI

Real-time Satellite and Drone Video Enhancement

Ikena WAMI helps organizations reap the value of wide-area satellite and drone data by accurately extracting info from tens of square kilometers of visual data and output that info in a format suitable for big data analysis. Ikena WAMI uses MotionDSP’s patented image processing, feature detectors and computer vision algorithms to enhance and automatically extract data from Wide Area Motion Imagery in real time. Ikena WAMI is:

  • Designed for modern 4K and 8K commercial sensors
  • Built to adapt to challenges such as low-frame rates and noise
  • Provides real-time intelligence from WAMI captures of an entire city
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Product Capabilities

WAMI Fidelity Improvement

WAMI imagery has the advantage of being high resolution (64 megapixels and higher) yet captured at low frame-rates (1-5 frames per second). Much WAMI video is shot from high altitudes and often in challenging environmental conditions, which can diminish image fidelity. MotionDSP has adapted its video algorithms used in Ikena ISR to maximize image fidelity in challenging conditions.

Super Resolution
Ikena WAMI’s super resolution capability is a powerful tool to increase resolution and reduce noise coming from the sensor, compression, or adverse conditions like smoke or haze. Ikena WAMI’s motion estimation and occlusion handling are designed to be accurate, and resilient enough to handle the large displacements that result from the low frame-rates of WAMI.

You can’t always collect on a haze or smoke-free day. Haze and high clouds can obscure important details like the presence or number of people on this airfield, details that can drive important decisions. Our de-hazing algorithm is critical in extracting information from your collects, as sometimes you can’t revisit a location.

Lighting & Contrast

Corrected Lighting
Ikena WAMI’s lighting enhancement tools enable you to product the highest possible quality images despite lighting challenges.

Balanced Contrast
Ikena WAMI can even correct unbalanced contrast from less advanced video processing software. Our algorithms can automatically detect unbalanced contrast and correct the contrast issues for each individual quadrant of the image. All with one click.

Color Manipulation
With Ikena WAMI, analysts can manipulate the color of images to help them spot critical details and patterns in images.

WAMI Detection & Tracking

WAMI sensors capture data at high altitudes at 1-5 frames per second. Small objects of only a few pixels, like cars or people, are difficult to detect and verify amidst the noise. This presents a big challenge for detection and tracking where high detection rates and low false positives are required.

MotionDSP’s patented feature detectors and machine learning provide a more powerful solution than industry-standard feature detectors, and deliver high detection rates, and low false positives. WAMI collects are massive in size – the ultimate “big data” challenge. MotionDSP’s GPU-accelerated detection, tracking, and machine learning algorithms are designed for real-time performance on 8K imagery, all on a single GPU card.

Use Cases

Movement Tracking

Detect and track the movement of even the smallest objects with very high accuracy. Ikena WAMI can help identify and analyze, in milliseconds, objects in shadows, in cloud cover and over constrained networks.

Matching Locations

Track assets over large areas of land or sea, seeing traffic patterns, wildlife migrations and the outflow from disaster sites, even in remote areas. Data can then be exported to geospatial tools like Google Earth to show the exact location of each object.

Frame-to-Frame Tracking

Track individual objects from frame to frame, even at a low frame rate, creating a unique ID for the target object. Ikena WAMI can automatically identify changes in activity and also show the exact locations and pattern of movement over time.