Ikena X

Ikena X Beta Program Overview

Our beta program is now closed. Thank you to the commercial organizations that joined the program and provided us with valuable insights for our software. Stay tuned to our website as we post new use cases and video examples in the upcoming months. If your organization has an immediate need for real-time video enhancement or 2-D mapping, please check out our product, Ikena ISR.View Ikena ISRDownload ISR Brochure

Fighting Forest Fires

The U.S. Forestry Service fights thousands of forest fires each year and contracts out tens of thousands of hours of fire-spotting services and aerial water bombers. The challenge in fighting a forest fire is that it moves quickly, and the fire-spotting aircraft need to accurately locate the active fire so they can direct the water bombers to the correct location. Spotter aircraft fly over the fire using infrared cameras to detect where the active fire is, pointing the water bombers to that location.

However, even the best cameras have an error range of as much as 500 meters which is not accurate enough to pinpoint water drops accurately. Water bombers can take an hour or more to reload and return while the fire continues to spread. Thousands of dollars can be spent on wasted water drops, and millions of dollars in damage can occur unnecessarily. Ikena X is used to mosaic the video from the spotter aircraft in real-time and immediately plot the mosaic onto accurate maps, allowing the “heat” sensed by the infrared camera to be accurately pinpointed on the map. Then, the water bombers can be given an accurate geo-location they can plot into their GPS and drop in the correct location.

Emergency Response

Emergencies arise at a moments notice, with no warning or prejudice to who is involved or when and where it takes place. The best you can do is prepare for them by planning for the worst. The resources available in times of crisis may not be ideal but it’s better than nothing, and anything that can help is valuable. That is where Ikena X plays it’s role. Agnostic of video sources, Ikena is able to enhance video on the fly to give first responders the ability to cope with whatever comes their way, and provide the best possible products and information to the people in harms way.

Whether its an act of violence, man-made catastrophe, or a natural disaster, having eyes on the scene with live video gives you the best chance to succeed and with Ikena, you can take full advantage of that. No matter what challenges your video faces, Ikena is equipped to help, from cutting through smoke, steam or fog, to stabilizing shaky video, you can see the action. Use Ikena to create up to the minute maps of the area from full motion video and geo-reference them for pinpoint accuracy. Ikena gives you the tools to save lives when seconds count.

Underwater Pipeline Inspection

Inspecting and identifying damage in underwater pipes is time-consuming and expensive. Pipeline service companies deploy underwater cameras to scan miles of pipe looking for damage. The inspector needs to detail the damage and its precise location so that they can direct emergency repair teams to the right location. The telemetry data from the underwater cameras is not designed for pinpoint accuracy, and location information can be off by as much as several meters. This can translate to significantly more search time for the repair teams.

Accuracy can be greatly improved by relating the location of the damage to the location of the nearest joint or fitting on the pipe, but the cameras pass so close to the pipe that they don’t capture a wide enough field of view to provide those visual reference points. Ikena X creates a seamless “mosaic” image where every frame of video is stitched with the previous frames to create an image of the entire pipe, such as the one you see here. With this image product, precise measurements can be derived from the position of the damaged area relative to the nearest joints and fittings.

MotionDSP’s Algorithms
Over the past 10 years we have perfected several patented algorithms to get the most from your video.

Super Resolution
Patented algorithm combines multiple frames of video to recover details and remove noise.

Recover twice the resolution with our patented kernel regression deinterlacing.

Radial Distortion
Corrects the “fisheye” distortion of wide-angle lenses common on drones and GoPro cameras.

Haze Reduction
Adaptively removes haze from video taken both at long distance or nearby.

Light, Color & Contrast
Helps you uncover details that you may otherwise miss in your video.

Stabilizes shaky video from the most extreme cases with multi-frame stabilization.