For Lab Surveillance and Research Studies

Video Redaction & Enhancement

Labs, testing facilities, and other research environments require stringent security to protect valuable ideas, researchers and expensive equipment from intellectual espionage, theft, and other threats. Video surveillance and security cameras are a valuable security tool for laboratories and can help keep intellectual property, experiments, equipment, and researchers safe.

Research studies also use video surveillance in the course of experiments and trials to better understand testing environments, influencing factors, and to document outcomes. Video collected under these conditions must also consider redaction of Personally Identifiable Information of participants in order to comply with HIPPA and other research regulations regarding privacy.

Whether used for facility surveillance or research monitoring, our Studio video enhancement and redaction software can help ensure the protection of Personally Identifiable information as well as enhance aspects of video deteriorated by environmental or other conditions during collection. Learn more about how Studio can solve for personal privacy and HIPPA regulation compliance through the redaction of people and objects within video.

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