Cubic | MotionDSP to introduce subscription licensing with version 8.0 software release in November 2018.

September 1, 2018

Introducing Subscription Licensing and 8.0 Feature Releases

MotionDSP licenses are now available in flexible subscription options, making our video Redaction and Enhancement software more accessible than ever for conservative budgets. Subscription licenses range from monthly to multi-year based on your needs and funding availability. The new subscription model removes additional per-license cost of annual support and maintenance contracts by including those services in the price of the subscription for the life of the license. Version 8.0 feature releases of each software build are exclusively available as subscription and include automation and workflow improvement featured detailed below. 

General 8.0 Feature Updates

Share read-only reports as PDF files. Spotlight and Forensic 8.0 versions can output  reports in read-only Adobe PDF format and XML, in addition to the existing .rtf format, offering users more control in limiting the risk of post-processing report editing.

Seamlessly run 4K video formats. Spotlight and Forensic 8.0’s 64-bit architecture paired with GPU-accelerated Artificial Intelligence and video processing allow the application to process 4K videos smoothly and efficiently.

Redact and enhance proprietary video formats. Spotlight and Forensic 8.0 versions have an improved Screengrabber capability that can be used to re-record video that is not compatible for direct import into Spotlight. Screengrabber records the video as it is played in the native file viewer on your desktop, and captures both video and audio for processing inside of the Spotlight and Forensic applications.

Latest Spotlight 8.0 Features

Spotlight 8.0 feature updates improve user workflow and adds new redaction capabilities for video and audio, designed specifically by user needs like yours.

Save hours of work with automatic face suggestions. Spotlight 8.0 can now automatically detect and suggest all the faces in a scene, saving users from the time consuming process of manually identifying and selecting faces as they appear (or reappear) throughout a video. Spotlight then automatically tracks and redacts the selected faces through the rest of the video.

Easily redact sensitive information from audio-only files. Prior to this release, Spotlight could only redact audio associated with a video file. This new feature, available exclusively in 8.0, gives users the ability to visualize and easily redact audio-only files like WMA and MP3.

Experience better fidelity with fine-tuned tracking. Spotlight 8.0 includes a simplified manual tracking correction mode that allows the user to easily make fine adjustments to redacted objects for the best-quality output.

Latest Forensic 8.0 Features

One-click preset filters accelerate your workflow. Video loaded into Ikena Forensic will automatically be processed with pre-set filters and displayed in a user-friendly toolbar above the source video. This gives users the ability to preview frequently used filters on new videos, plus the ability to fine tune additional enhancement filters as needed.

Achieve real-time playback with auto brightness enabled.

The Ikena Forensic 8.0 brightness filter is now configured for processing by the GPU rather than the CPU, enabling faster processing and improved filter performance.

What’s next for Forensic and Spotlight?

Customers under active subscriptions have immediate access to new features as they are released. Future development for the software includes automation features that will deliver high fidelity results while reducing the time it takes for users to operate. Other updates will include redaction capabilities for more file types, including still images and documents in common file formats.

Convenient System Service offerings will be available, simplifying the hardware procurement and software installation process for purchasers. Plus, comprehensive training services will also be available both onsite or online to accommodate classes of any size and location.