Ikena Spotlight Use Case

Protect the Innocent

Video footage of crimes often includes both the guilty and the innocent. In most instances, the innocent are not relevant to the case, and where videos show witnesses or certain victims or civilians, there is a compelling need to protect their identities.

Ikena Spotlight can obscure or redact images in video footage of people who need to remain anonymous, or are not part of the relevant events. The innocent are protected, and the irrelevant are no longer a distraction.Explore Ikena Spotlight Request Pricing

Additional Use Cases

Spotlight the Important

Law enforcement and security personnel often rely on video footage from sources like CCTV cameras to analyze potential crime scenes. Read more

Obscure the Irrelevant

At large events like concerts or sporting events, security teams are often tasked with monitoring the movements of people in the crowds to ensure the safety of attendees. Read more