2-for-1: Spotlight's automated redaction plus our Forensic's powerful enhancement features

Forensic Studio

Get 100% of Spotlight’s easy-to-use redaction features and time-saving automation algorithms, plus the full suite of Forensic video enhancement filters in a single interface.

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Without cumbersome cost and functionality of larger Evidence Management Systems.

The powerful features you need.

Secure, local desktop application

Upload video from any source

Intuitive interface requires no technology or video expertise

Time-saving live-preview enhancement bar and one-click video enhancement

Real-time enhancement processing plus automated redaction

Fast export of enhanced & redacted snapshots, clips, or full-length videos

Preservation of original evidence files

Verifiable reporting of all enhancement & redaction activity

Learn how other industries are using our software to protect PII and generate new insight from poor video.

Video redaction & enhancement for any industry.

Law Enforcement
Protect the innocent. Serve justice.
Healthcare & Research
Document outcomes while protecting patient privacy.
Comply with regional Education Codes for classroom surveillance.
See the ground. Make the call.
Oil & Gas
Improve murky video footage from unmanned underwater vehicles.
Get real-time firefighting intelligence from aerial video
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