Spotlight 8.0 video and audio redaction software

Time is money. Spotlight 8.0’s newest features were designed to save you both.

Spotlight 8.0 feature updates improve user workflow and add new redaction capabilities for video and audio, designed specifically to solve user requirements like yours.

Save hours of work with automatic face suggestions.
Spotlight 8.0 can now automatically detect and suggest all the faces in a scene, saving users from the time consuming process of manually identifying and selecting faces as they appear (or reappear) throughout a video. Spotlight then automatically tracks the selected faces through the rest of the video.

Easily redact sensitive information from audio only files.
Prior to this release, Spotlight 7.0 could only redact audio associated with a video file. This new feature, available in 8.0, gives users the ability to quickly and easily redact audio-only files like WMA and MP3.

Experience better fidelity with fine-tuned tracking.
Spotlight 8.0 includes a simplified manual tracking correction mode that allows the user to easily make fine adjustments to redacted objects for the best-quality output.

Share read-only reports as PDF files.
Spotlight 8.0 versions can output reports in read-only Adobe PDF format and XML, in addition to the existing .rtf format, offering users more control in limiting the risk of post-processing report editing.

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Spotlight was created to simplify your workflow for protecting the identity of the innocent, into three easy steps.

Automated face suggestion & tracking
Spotlight’s automated detection and tracking tools greatly reduce the number of steps needed to mask and blur objects, removing the need for frame-by-frame redaction and automatically suggesting and redacting faces.
Create clips & snapshots
Easily create and export a clip or still image snapshot of your video to present as evidence in court or to share and get the public’s help to identify suspects.
Audio redaction
Bleep, mute, or modulate specific clips of audio in your video to protect the identities of witnesses, minors, victims, and undercover police officers. Works with video audio and audio-only files.
Process any video resolution
Spotlight’s 64-bit architecture and GPU-accelerated video processing allow the application to process standard definition, high definition, and 4K videos smoothly and efficiently.
Visualize audio files
The waveform bar in Spotlight gives you a visual representation of audio in your video to more quickly identify where potential dialogue is taking place.
Export redaction reports
Generate an editable or read-only report that documents all video and audio redactions made to your video for use in court or public release.

Use cases

Spotlight the important
Prepare video evidence for court by highlighting a person’s or object’s activities, even in the background or in dark areas of a video. This help focus the audience’s attention on the most important info.
Obscure the irrelevant
Focus attention on the movements of the suspect or relevant actions by obscuring and masking the distracting parts of the video. This allows cases to be made more quickly and clearly.
Protect the innocent
Obscure or redact images in video footage of people who need to remain anonymous, or are not part of the relevant events. The innocent are protected, and the irrelevant are no longer a distraction.