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Drones Could be the Next Big Frontier for Entrepreneurs

Drones are everywhere — in the news and soon to be (legally) in the skies. They are quickly moving beyond their controversial military use and taking on the role of force multiplier in a myriad of industries including agriculture, inspection services, humanitarian, conservation, and emergency services.

Water Bomber
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Top Issues for FMV Analysts

It used to be that tactical use meant rudimentary FMV capabilities. Simply watching the live feed from a SUAS doesn’t fit the mission requirement any more. Analysts are under pressure to deliver richer intelligence from challenging tactical environments, and to do that, they need higher-tech tools.

Drone Flying
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5 Ways Computer Vision Makes Our Lives Better…and Safer

As we turn the corner into 2015, I want to highlight a once futuristic technology that is already changing our lives in many positive ways: computer vision—training computers to investigate images and understand them the way the human brain does, but without human fatigue and at massive scale. In years to come, this technology will continue to help make our lives safer and easier.

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