Merrick & Company

“I compared several software packages that perform similiar processes as Ikena. Ikena was the most straightforward package that had just the right amount of tools for our needs. Other packages had too many extra tools and functions that we would never use or they could not easily process many video files in batch. Ikena does a great job enhancing our digital video files and was able to do so in a batchable mode. The MotionDSP technical staff is great as well. They are quick to respond, they have a great support ticket status system, and they are quick to resolve any issues.”-Mathew Bethel, Manager of System Engineering


“MotionDSP has solved a very tough problem that many companies have attempted without success.”

Audio Video Forensic Lab Inc.

“I have been using Ikena ever since it was first introduced. What impressed me intially was MotionDSP’s key design philosophy; that of maximizing user productivity with an extremely easy to use interface while not sacrificing processing power and flexibility. This is a very capable tool. Every feature from image capture and multi-frame super resolution to histogram and deblurring has been well thought out and functions as it should. Bottom line, my cases get solved quickly and reliably. I have been very happy to see steady development over the years indicating the company’s commitment to the product. Because of this I feel that my investment has been very worthwhile. Especially useful features include a comprehensive automatic reporting tool and Spotlight, an easy animated highligting, obscurring and annotation tool. I recommend this to anyone who needs to either process video quickly in the field during a live investigation or later to prepare evidence for trial.” -Robert Sanderson, President


“MotionDSP’s digital video technology has proven itself to be the gold standard in both quality and scalability, and will radically enhance the way any organization-commercial or government-processes video images.”-Troy M Pearsall, EVP of Technology Transfer