Powerful, patented algorithms exclusive to MotionDSP technology

Computer vision that sees what you can't

Our patented, proprietary video enhancement algorithms are the secret to seeing through dusty environments, clearing away fog, stabilizing shaky video, making meaning from deinterlaced footage, and creating powerful insight from any ordinary video.

Super Resolution

Patented algorithm combines multiple frames of video to recover details and remove noise.

Radial Distortion Correction

Corrects the “fisheye” distortion of wide-angle lenses common on drones and GoPro cameras.

Lighting & Contrast

Helps you uncover details hidden in the shadows of your videos.


Recover twice the resolution with our patented kernel regression deinterlacing.

Haze Reduction

Adaptively removes haze from video taken both at long distance or nearby.


Stabilizes shaky video from the most extreme cases with multi-frame stabilization.

Included in all our enhancement applications.

Video Enhancement
Quickly enhance low-quality video to produce forensically-valid evidence
Video Enhancement + Redaction
Combine the powerful redaction and enhancement features of Spotlight + Forensic.
Real-time Video Processing
Get actionable intelligence at the tactical edge with real-time video conditioning and enhancement.