Real-time Video Enhancement Software

Enhance Live Video Feeds in Real Time

Ikena ISR enables organizations to process and enhance video in real time. Other solutions process video offline, making you wait for the results. Ikena ISR uses our patented high-performance image processing and computer vision algorithms to quickly get results. It uses graphics processors (GPUs) so it can operate on any commercial workstation or laptop meeting our system requirements, allowing analysts to get actionable intelligence even where they’re in the field.

If your organization doesn’t work with live feeds, check out our forensic video enhancement product, Ikena Forensic, for processing video from body cameras, security cameras, dash cams and any other source.Request PricingDownload Brochure

MotionDSP’s Image Processing Algorithms

Super Resolution
Patented algorithm combines multiple frames of video to recover details and remove noise.

Recover twice the resolution with our patented kernel regression deinterlacing.

Radial Distortion Correction
Corrects the “fisheye” distortion of wide-angle lenses common on drones and GoPro cameras.

Haze Reduction
Adaptively removes haze from video taken both at long distance or nearby.

Lighting & Contrast
Helps you uncover details hidden in the shadows of your videos.

Stabilizes shaky video from the most extreme cases with multi-frame stabilization.