Ikena ISR for Wildfire Air Attack

Real-time Firefighting Intelligence from Aerial Video

Air attack aircraft have changed the way forest fires are fought. By providing a bird’s eye view of the area, ground crews and aerial fire suppression assets can receive timley information on the location, speed, heading, and severity of a fire. This allows ground commanders to position their crew in the most beneficial areas out of harm’s way and coordinate the placement of water and fire retardant drops.

The next evolution of fire fighting is the inclusion of video and geolocational data from air attack assets. Ikena ISR can transform live aerial video from images to information through real-time video enhancement and geospatial product creation. The software cuts through smoke and haze to provide a clearer view of the fire and creates updated fire line and hot spot shapefiles simply by panning the camera and clicking on the video. This gives the ground commander updated fire line intel in minutes with contextual graphics in the form of 2D mosaics.Request Pricing

Create 2D Maps on the Fly

Our geospatial awareness tool, Matchpoint, is built on top of Ikena ISR’s sophisticated video enhancement software. With accurate metadata, each pixel in your video becomes a coordinate that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of any object in the scene. Matchpoint can correct for inaccurate metadata and even geo-reference video with no locational information. 

By aligning features within your video to existing basemap imagery, every pixel is tied to a known point on earth. With geo-referenced video, you can quickly derive coordinates, create accurate 2D maps and render video frames within GIS systems such as Google Earth and ArcGIS.

Identify and Share Important Information from Live Aerial Video Feeds

Identify and Label Hot Spots
Using infrared (IR) cameras linked with geospatial positioning, sensor operators can mark and label hotspots with the click of a mouse, directly from the video feed.

Mark Fire Lines
Tracing the current fire line is as simple as panning the camera. Ikena uses the center frame location to create accurate poly-line shapefiles that are easy to share with any GIS system.

Geo-Reference Your Video Data
Ikena Matchpoint lets you quickly rectify the errors inherent in GPS data by referencing a few key frames or images to existing base map imagery for up-to-the-minute, accurate 2D maps

Improve the Quality of Live Video Feeds

Aerial video filmed over a fire can suffer from a number of issues including smoke, haze and other atmospheric conditions. Ikena ISR uses advanced algorithms that operate in real time on a live video feed to adjust light, color, and contrast as well as cut through haze and smoke to make it easier to identify critical information in your video such as hot spots and fire lines. Ikena ISR also offers multi-frame stabilization to remove unwanted motion and jitter, radial distortion removal, sharpening and de-blurring to help extract every last bit of detail from your video.

Ikena ISR can be installed on any windows-based system meeting our system requirements, ranging from rugged laptops, user workstations, and even server mounted PCs.

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