Get forensically-valid evidence from low quality video in minutes instead of hours.


Forensic’s patented super-resolution algorithms and enhancement filters reveal an unseen level of detail in three simple steps: import, enhance, export.

Trusted by organizations like the US Secret Service, NCIS, NYPD, and police departments across America, Forensic requires no time-consuming training, technology expertise, or special hardware to use and accepts video from any readable source, including body worn cameras, dash cameras, CCTV, cell phones, and more.

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Identify faces.

In a perfect world, all of your video evidence would be shot in HD, in great lighting and with the person of interest perfectly centered in the frame and looking right into the camera. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Details are oftentimes lost due to shadows, camera shake, or other environmental factors out of your control. Forensic can help you recover many of those details in minutes with little training needed. The end result is forensically-valid video that’s ready to present in court and completely reproducible.

Read license plates.

Enhancing license plates from CCTV cameras can be both time-consuming and likely the least exciting thing you do all day as an analyst. However, getting a license plate number can mean the difference between catching a suspect and them getting away. A license plate in your video may be unreadable for a number of reasons, including low resolution, lossy compression, motion blur, poor lighting, or noise. Even if you’re not an expert video analyst, Forensic can help you quickly address all of these issues by utilizing features like our patented super resolution algorithm, lighting and contrast filters, or deinterlacing algorithm.

Recover lost details.

Unlike other software that uses frame-averaging techniques, Forensic can extract detail from scenes with movement, enhancing moving and non-moving objects in complex scenes that combine both camera and object motion. To enhance a frame of video, Forensic’s patented super-resolution algorithms analyze multiple neighboring frames and choose the best pixels to literally reconstruct a higher-resolution version of the original. This results in the ability to ’scale-up’ a small video to a larger size while adding new detail and significantly reducing video compression artifacts.

Built on advanced, proprietary enhancement algorithms.

The only features you need.

Secure, local desktop application

Upload video from any source

Intuitive interface requires no technology or video expertise

Time-saving live-preview enhancement bar and one-click video enhancement

Real-time enhancement processing

Fast export of enhanced snapshots, clips, or full-length videos

Preservation of original evidence files

Verifiable reporting of all enhancement activity

Plus, our GPU accelerated processing's a time-saver too.

Intuitive interface means less learning, more doing.

Upload video from any source, including proprietary file formats

Step 1

Upload video file(s) as a “New Project.”


Step 2

Apply and preview enhancement filters.
Adjust as necessary.

Quick export your project with MD5 Hashcode and activity report

Step 3

Export enhanced video clips, full-length video, or snapshots along with Enhancement Activity Report.

Learn how others are using our software to see poor quality video with new clarity.

Enhancement for any industry.

See the ground. Make the call.
Law Enforcement
Protect the innocent. Serve justice.
Healthcare & Research
Document outcomes while protecting patient privacy.
See the ground. Make the call.
Law Enforcement
Protect the innocent. Serve justice.
Healthcare & Research
Document outcomes while protecting patient privacy.
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