What used to take hours, now takes minutes with automated processing.

Reveal distorted content.
Serve justice.

Identify faces, license plates, and unclear content from grainy or poor quality video footage. Create compelling evidence artifacts or video clips using our Forensic video enhancement application.

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Spotlight the important.
Obscure the sensitive or irrelevant.

Protect the identity of the innocent, comply with FOIA regulations, and highlight relevant visuals with our Spotlight video and audio redaction application.

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Redact faces, protect PII, highlight criminal activity
Everyone's doing less and getting more done with automated processing.

Find the right tool for your job.

Video & Audio Redaction
Reduce the redaction of digital video and audio evidence to three easy steps.
Video Enhancement
Quickly enhance low-quality video to produce forensically-valid evidence
Video Enhancement + Redaction
Combine the powerful redaction and enhancement features of Spotlight + Forensic.
Real-time Video Processing
Get actionable intelligence at the tactical edge with real-time video conditioning and enhancement.
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