Ikena ISR
Live Video Enhancement

ISR’s image processing algorithms address issues with shake, rolling shutter, atmospheric haze, lighting and more, all in real time, getting the most out of live video from drones and security cameras.

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Ikena Forensic
Video Enhancement Software

Quickly and easily reconstruct and extract
important details in video evidence like faces and
the make or model of cars to produce forensically
valid evidence to present in court.

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Ikena Spotlight
Video Redaction Software

Proprietary object-tracking technology automates the process of blurring faces, license plates and other private information for preparing video evidence for public release.
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Latest from the MotionDSP Blog

09 Jun

Using MotionDSP’s video processing filters to improve deep learning-based image classification results

In April, MotionDSP announced Ikena® Cloud, our new API for cloud-based processing of video files and live video streams. Since then we’ve tested it with developers in various use cases, one of which is: pre-processing video to improve image classification results. The results have been promising. Amazon Rekognition, Google Cloud Vision API, and Microsoft Azure’s Computer Vision API all offer high quality image classification — you give their APIs an[...]

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07 Mar

Resolutions have Surpassed Moore’s Law. What does that Mean for Aerial Sensors?

A new class of next-generation, high-resolution aerial sensors are coming online in the next few years. Northrop Grumman just tested United Technology’s SYERS-2 sensor on Global Hawk last week. Whether they are installed on satellites, manned aircraft, or drones, these new sensors will be collecting vastly more data than their predecessors.[...]

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Every feature from image capture and multi-frame super resolution to histogram and deblurring has been well thought out and functions as it should. Bottom line, my cases get solved quickly and reliably. Especially useful features include a comprehensive automatic reporting tool and Spotlight, an easy animated highligting, obscurring and annotation tool. I recommend this to anyone who needs to either process video quickly in the field during a live investigation or later to prepare evidence for trial.

    Robert Sanderson / Audio Video Forensic Lab Inc.