For Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies

Evidence Redaction & Enhancement

Law enforcement agencies in more than 35 countries use our Windows-based video forensic and redaction software, but for the first time, the airborne law enforcement community now has access to our real-time video enhancement and intelligence software.

Our powerful image processing and computer vision capabilities, paired with an open architecture that allows the software to work with any sensor and easily integrate with other IP video and geospatial applications, results in unparalleled innovation at a fraction of the cost of competitive onboard solutions.

Learn about Intelligence

Augmented Reality for Situational Awareness

Intelligence enables airborne law enforcement professionals to overlay street names, addresses, and other important areas of interest on live sensor video to improve situational awareness. This capability frees the sensor operator from needing to reference maps and other location data and instead, focus on properly filming vehicles, individuals on foot or other activity.

Our open architecture enables it to support Google Earth and other future GIS systems your organization may use.

More Industries

See the ground. Make the call.
Healthcare & Research
Document outcomes while protecting patient privacy.
Comply with regional Education Codes for classroom surveillance.
Law Enforcement
Protect the innocent. Serve justice.
Get real-time firefighting intelligence from aerial video
Oil & Gas
Improve murky video footage from unmanned underwater vehicles.