School security that protects personal privacy

Video Redaction

Whether driven by evolving district regulations or proactive initiative, school administrators across the United States are looking into installing security cameras in their districts. They want to keep their students safe, monitor people entering and exiting the campuses, and cut down on vandalism and theft.

Some school districts, driven by official regulations, even require video surveillance inside the classroom for example, to promote the safety of students receiving special education and related services in certain self-contained classrooms and other special education settings.

Any school district considering deploying video surveillance of private citizens, especially minors, must also consider how that video will be accessed and leveraged outside of the schools. Access and use by law enforcement or school officials must include due consideration for the proper handling and redaction of Personally Identifiable Information before video can be released for any use, including court proceedings or public release.

Our Spotlight video redaction software is used by Education Administrators in K-12 and higher education to ensure the compliance of video surveillance and use with the protection of privacy. Learn more about how Spotlight can strengthen your administration’s approach to video surveillance.

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