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Complete System Services

While Spotlight, Forensic, and Forensic Studio software solutions are designed to operate on modern PC laptops and workstations with GPU processing capabilities, you can get even better performance with the right machine. To make it even easier to get the the best results from our powerful, GPU optimized filters and automation algorithms, we’re now offering convenient System Solutions.

Get a custom quote for a comprehensive solution today, which includes the MotionDSP software of your choice and the recommended hardware to run it. Configuration and Installation options available.

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Built to save you time and money through automation and intuitive design.

Powerful video enhancement and redaction software.

Video & Audio Redaction
Reduce the redaction of digital video and audio evidence to three easy steps.
Video Enhancement
Quickly enhance low-quality video to produce forensically-valid evidence
Video Enhancement + Redaction
Combine the powerful redaction and enhancement features of Spotlight + Forensic.
    Video Processing Technology Evaluation Template


    Still shopping around?

    We’ve got a visual Technology Evaluation template that takes the work out of finding the right fit. Quickly generate a professional, side-by-side feature comparison so you can wow stakeholders and accelerate decision making.

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