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Why Built-in BWC Video Redaction Won’t Work

I’ll come right to the point: some body camera vendors provide a video redaction option, but it will “only” work with their body cameras.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of law enforcement customers from around the world (as well district attorneys, law firms and universities), and they all need video redaction. Many tell the same story: they bought a body camera system (also known as body-worn camera or BWC) which included a video redaction feature. And then they realized they didn’t have an effective way of redacting videos from other sources such as in-car video systems (also known as dash cams), surveillance systems and even mobile phones.  With FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and state-level open records requests mounting, they need a redaction solution to handle all of their redaction tasks.

Body Cam Vendor’s Redaction Solutions Only Work With Their Products

MotionDSP’s advanced video and audio redaction software, Ikena Spotlight, was designed to work with ANY video file, from any camera system. And, because MotionDSP is a software company, we are laser-focused on developing and providing the best image processing and computer vision solutions for customers — not doing software as a side-effort to a hardware business.

Before you invest in a redaction solution from a body cam or other camera manufacturer, make sure it will meet all of your redaction needs.  If you have videos from multiple sources or hardware vendors, you may want to consider Ikena Spotlight.

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