MotionDSP Raises the Bar for Forensic Video Enhancement with Major “2.0” Upgrade of Ikena Software

January 26, 2012

For Immediate Release

Adds Native Screen-grabber and Powerful Auto-tracking Spotlight Tool

SAN MATEO, CA, August 17, 2010MotionDSP Inc., a leader in video forensic software, announced today the availability of Version 2.0 of its revolutionary Ikena® product.  Ikena has been well-established as an effective, cutting-edge software solution for video forensics that requires very little training and no special hardware. Current Ikena customers include Scotland Yard, the Secret Service, NCIS and other intelligence agencies, and more than 20 police municipalities. The new version builds on the innovative technologies, ease of use and cost savings that made the previous version so popular, and the new version offers a native screen grabber for proprietary DVRs and a revolutionary spotlight tool with auto-tracking.


MotionDSP’s Ikena products have the unique ability to increase resolution and remove noise while providing the most advanced image stabilization available today.  The software is able to enhance traditional surveillance video footage as well as video from modern sources such as cell phones, IP security cameras and even YouTube®. Ikena runs on a Windows® PC, and can be used on a laptop in the field or a lab desktop system without requiring any additional hardware or software.  With the simple, single-step enhancement capabilities, users can quickly and easily enhance faces, identify objects and read license plates. They can also preview enhancements and can save high‐resolution stills and enhanced videos to disk.


“What sets Ikena apart from the competition is, unlike software that uses frame-averaging techniques, Ikena can extract detail from scenes with movement: both moving and non-moving objects and complex scenes that combine both camera and object motion,” explained Dr. Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP.  “To enhance a frame of video, MotionDSP’s patented super-resolution algorithms analyze multiple neighboring frames and choose the best pixels to literally reconstruct a higher-resolution version of the original. This results in the ability to ’scale-up’ a small video to a larger size while adding new detail and clarity.”


Ikena 2.0 improves the video forensics experience for video analysts in every step of the workflow:

  • making it easy to capture video evidence any source, whether proprietary DVR software, cell phones, or other video capture devices
  • providing an intuitive, one-click interface for quickly previewing Ikena’s super-resolution enhancements
  • generating useful reports and presentations, e.g., with a brand-new, add-on spotlight feature that auto-highlights or obscures any object in a video.
  • Next-generation MotionDSP video-processing technology for improved resolution enhancement and state-of-the-art stabilization


Other improvements include:

  • New, advanced motion model for even higher-quality enhancement of objects (faces, moving objects)
  • 2x-faster processing speed on dual-core CPUs
  • Full Windows 7 (32/64 bit) support
  • Native, multi-core-accelerated H264 decode/encode
  • Support for using/finding IBP frames


Ikenais a cost-effective, Windows-based application for video forensics and enhancement that automates the entire process of video enhancement and is able to produce dramatic results in a single step.  Ikena is ideal for law enforcement video forensic analysis and imagery analysis in intelligence and military. Current customers include: US Secret Service, US Intelligence, London Met Police (Scotland Yard), US law enforcement and video forensic labs.

MotionDSP also offersIkena ISR, a powerful, real-time version of Ikena, for military tactical operations centers, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ground stations, video surveillance installations, and municipal CCTV transportation.

See the introductory video for a demonstration of how Ikena’s super-resolution technology adds detail, removes video noise, and stabilizes video. 


Version 2.0 of MotionDSP’s Ikena is available now through MotionDSP and its authorized resellers. Both Ikena and Ikena GPU include 1‐year of software updates.  Upgrades from registered users of Ikena Version 1.4 are available through MotionDSP.

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