MotionDSP adds GPU-accelerated encoding to its Ikena Products

January 26, 2012

MotionDSP is proud to announce the release of Ikena, Ikena GPU, and Ikena ISR 2.2. This update for all Ikena products adds GPU-accelerated H264 encoding, faster processing, and better stability.

GPU Encoding
MotionDSP has integrated NVIDIA’s CUDA-based H264 encoding, allowing for 3-5x faster H264 output to disk. Additionally, Ikena GPU users can use multiple GPUs — one for video processing, and one for encoding (see below)
GPU encoding window
This update is available free to all Ikena customers with current software update support contracts. 
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About MotionDSP

MotionDSP is a leading innovator in advanced image processing software. MotionDSP’s “Ikena” products improve the quality of video captured by a wide range of sources–from surveillance cameras to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in law enforcement, homeland security, and military applications.

MotionDSP’s technology supports operational deployments within the DOD and National Intelligence communities, and its customers include some of the world’s leading video forensic labs, such as the London Metropolitan Police and the US Secret Service.


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