MotionDSP Presents at the DSI-Vegas Show

January 26, 2012

MotionDSP CTO, Nikola Bozinovic, will present at the DSI-Vegas, Video Forensic show in Las Vegas, August 25th, at 9am.

“GPU Computing in Video Forensics”

Modern graphic cards (GPUs) have Teraflops of compute and are well-suited for video processing. Thanks to OpenCL and CUDA, software developers can use the GPU to gain as much as 3-5x the performance over CPUs. Two areas of benefit to the forensic analyst are video image processing and encoding. See how a modern computer with a good GPU can improve your productivity. Capabilities including Auto-enhancement, Super-resolution, Auto-tracking spotlight, and GPU-accelerated encoding will be presented and compared to the CPU. MotionDSP will demonstrate using real forensic case data that will be enhanced and analyzed “live” at the workshop using MotionDSP’s Ikena GPU software. 

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