Launches ‘James Bond-Style’ Enhancement of User Videos

January 26, 2012

‘One-Button’ Technology Originally Developed for Video Forensics Finds New Civilian Purpose Enhancing Video From Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras and More

September 24, 2007 – San Diego, Calif., DEMOfall 07 – MotionDSP™ (San Mateo, Calif.), an emerging leader in digital video technology, today announced a new consumer service called, where video from any source can be dramatically enhanced with one-button, online simplicity.

Using technology originally developed for high-tech intelligence applications, employs MotionDSP’s own cutting-edge video enhancement solutions and applies them to user-generated content. Examples can range from irreplaceable video of a baby’s first steps to breaking news captured with a mobile phone. can take any video file from a mobile phone or digital camera and make it better. FixMyMovie’s suite of automatic enhancements improves overall resolution, corrects for poor lighting conditions and removes the blockiness and other artifacts that ruin most mobile phone and low-end digital camera videos. The service was launched at the DEMOfall 07 conference and has been called ‘the gold standard for video enhancement’ by pre-briefed analysts and press.

Regardless of source, enables any video to look its best, all with the simplicity of one-button operation – just click and your video will be uploaded, enhanced and displayed. Then, you can share it, embed the improved video on your blog, Facebook® or MySpace® page, or download it for posterity. is one of the first public sites to utilize Adobe’s newest version of Flash® for video encoding, which incorporates support for H.264 video – the latest-generation video format. In addition to H.264 Flash, enhanced video clips are available for download to Microsoft® Windows® PCs as a WMV file, Apple® Mac® computers, as well as iPod® or iPhone® through QuickTime®, as well as Adobe® Flash for online services such as YouTube®.

MotionDSP is already recognized worldwide for its Ikena™ software product family, which ranges from Ikena Workstation–a laptop-based video forensic tool for the security market–to Ikena Web, a scalable Web service for carriers and Internet video sites which can enhance tens of thousands of user-generated videos per day.

“ is the ideal platform to showcase MotionDSP’s unmatched video enhancement solution,” said Dr. Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP. “This new service brings video enhancement technology previously reserved for government intelligence and video forensics into the hands of any consumer. No one carries a video camera with them all the time, and we frequently capture life’s most important moments on a mobile phone or digital camera. Using, anyone can enhance the video from these devices with push-button simplicity and make them look their absolute best.”

“ is a great new service that will make mobile video more compelling to consumers,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO. “I was impressed with how simple and user-friendly MotionDSP has made video enhancement – its technology is unique and should prove to be a great new tool for dramatically improving low-end video.”

During the consumer beta, allows for free enhancement of video clips smaller than CIF resolution (352×288 pixels) and less than 20 megabytes (almost any video from a mobile phone or digital camera fits these requirements). Further details may be found at

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MotionDSP is an emerging leader in digital video enhancement. MotionDSP’s next-generation technology enables Internet video sites and mobile carriers to vastly improve the quality of video captured by consumer video devices such as mobile phones and webcams. The company’s new demonstration site for consumer video enhancement may be found at


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