Award-Winning ‘One-Step’ Mobile Phone Video Upload Service Provides Unrivaled Enhancement and Ease-of-Use – Still Free of Charge

January 26, 2012

February 25, 2008 – MotionDSP, an emerging leader in digital video software, today announced a series of major enhancements to its acclaimed consumer service, Users can now experience one-step sharing of videos from mobile phones via MMS or email, as well as free enhancement and iPhone® conversion.

Videos sent to FixMyMovie are automatically enhanced up to 4x their resolution, with poor lighting conditions automatically fixed, bringing dark videos back to life. In addition, low frame-rate videos are stabilized and smoothed, and videos are converted to high-bitrate H.264 for the best possible quality.

FixMyMovie was also just nominated as a finalist for the 2008 Webware 100 by CNET™ today – users can vote their support for the service at Webware. For the Webware 100 awards this year, 300 finalists were selected by editors from more than 4,600 qualifying Web 2.0 services nominated by Webware readers and company representatives.

Newly-added features allow anyone with a mobile phone to automatically send movies directly from their phone to – no account on is required. Once received, videos are automatically enhanced, and a link to the video is sent back via email or SMS. Registered users can then send the videos where they want – a single click to YouTube®, or embed the video on MySpace® pages, blogs, and individual websites, or send a link to the newly-enhanced videos to any email address.

Once registered with, new videos sent from phone or email go automatically to a personal gallery on the site, where they can be easily shared. If a user hasn’t registered, the service will create an account and email back details– ideal for first-time mobile users seeking to easily try out the service with a minimum of typing. also prepares high-resolution versions of videos for a variety of devices. This includes a high-resolution iPod®/iPhone®/AppleTV™ compatible version and a Microsoft® Windows Media® version of the file. Lastly, users can now grab high-resolution JPEG pictures from any video – just pause your video in FixMyMovie and hit the ’capture‘ button. The service creates a JPEG of that moment in time that surpasses the resolution of the original video. This is a great new way to get high-res photos from your videos.

“One of the biggest challenges facing camera-phone owners is how to get videos off the phone and share them. Once they’ve figured that out, the next thing they discover is that the video quality is terrible. We fix both these problems with the latest technology and exceptional ease-of-use,” said Dr. Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP. “The bottom line is that we’re enabling your phone to be a viable video camera. With one-step mobile uploads, push to YouTube, plus grabbing high-res pictures from video, is remarkably compelling – and free.”

During the consumer beta, allows for free enhancement of video clips smaller than CIF resolution (352×288 pixels) and less than 15 megabytes (almost any video from a mobile phone or digital camera fits this requirement). Further details may be found at

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