Human Rights Watch Deploys MotionDSP Forensic 5.0 Software to Help the Experts

March 17, 2015

Human Rights Watch Deploys MotionDSP Forensic 5.0 Software to Help the Experts

Burlingame, CA [MARCH x, 2014] – MotionDSP, a leading provider of image processing and computer vision software, today announced its software donation to Human Rights Watch to provide its Forensic 5.0 computer vision software, giving the organization the ability to pour over hundreds of hours of videos to monitor human rights violations and expose the truth to the world.

“We are currently using Ikena Forensic 5.0 in the context of our ongoing research in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Egypt, and it has made a substantial difference in the speed, quality and depth of our video work,” said Josh Lyons, satellite-imagery analyst at Human Rights Watch. “Most recently we used MotionDSP’s software to review videos of Syrian government barrel bomb and conventional air strikes for a report marking the one year anniversary of the UN Security Council resolution 2139 calling for an end to indiscriminate aerial bombardment in the country.”

Founded in 1978, Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people worldwide. Using imagery, video, and feet on the ground, Human Rights Watch scrupulously investigates abuses, exposes facts, and pressures those with power to secure justice. With the advancements in video technology, the organization is able to continually innovate and improve their mission.

“Combining human experts with technology is far more powerful than just a human or technology alone,” said CEO of MotionDSP, Sean Varah. “Working with Human Rights Watch, we can put our software to work with expert investigators to bolster the search for justice by extracting more facts from the vast amounts of data that exists.”

Video plays an important role in our lives, from identifying a suspect in a robbery to finding the source of a forest fire. MotionDSP software provides experts with the ability to use the data in the video pixels to gain valuable insights about what’s happening around the world. For more information on MotionDSP, please visit

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