Media Alert – MotionDSP to Exhibit at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2015

April 1, 2015

Burlingame, CA [MARCH 16, 2015]MotionDSP, a leading provider of image processing and computer vision software for Full Motion Video (FMV), and Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED), today announced its plans to exhibit at SOFIC 2015. The Company will demonstrate its latest software capabilities to help reduce operator workloads and increase FMV PED efficiencies.
“Our team of former active-duty analysts are continuously teaching our software how to see like humans, so computers can automate some of their tasks, helping them focus on the critical things,” said Sean Varah, founder and CEO of MotionDSP. “Over the past decade, we’ve built a solution that increases operator efficiencies and improves PED workflows, giving human experts the ability to uncover the truth and take immediate action from thousands of hours of video.”
The annual conference will be held in Tampa, Florida, May 19-21 at the Tampa Convention Center. This year’s conference will provide a forum for military, government, academia, and industry stakeholders to network and discuss current and future challenges and how to best support our Special Operations Forces (SOF) around the globe.
Video plays an important role in our lives, from identifying a suspect in a robbery to finding the source of a forest fire. MotionDSP software provides experts with the ability to use the data in the video pixels to gain valuable insights about what’s happening around the world. For more information on MotionDSP, please visit
About MotionDSP
MotionDSP is a leading provider of advanced imaging processing and computer vision software that helps commercial organizations and governments extract critical information from real-time video to answer high stakes questions. MotionDSP’s solutions support operational deployments within the US Department of Defense and National Intelligence agencies, as well as within the homeland security and law enforcement communities and commercial markets.

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