MotionDSP Announces Ikena Spotlight 7 Featuring One-Click Video Redaction

Third-Generation Tracking Technology Enables Simultaneous Tracking Of Multiple Objects

May 31, 2017

Burlingame, CA, May 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MotionDSP, a leading provider of video redaction and forensic software, today announced the launch of Ikena® Spotlight 7, the company’s latest major upgrade to its industry-leading video redaction solution. Ikena Spotlight 7 is the latest example of MotionDSP’s commitment to the public safety community:  developing high-tech innovations in software that make public safety agencies more effective.

Many agencies tell the same story: they bought a body-cam system which included a video redaction feature. And then they realized that redaction feature won’t work on videos from other sources such as in-car video systems, surveillance systems or mobile phones. Ikena Spotlight is one of the only software products in the market that was built specifically for redaction, works with video from any camera source, and isn’t part of a larger evidence management system.  

What’s New In Ikena Spotlight 7

Ikena Spotlight 7 implements third-generation tracking technology that improves tracking of redacted faces and objects, even from challenging body-cam footage where both the camera and the redacted subject are moving. Redaction is activated with a single keyframe — the user selects the face or object with one click, and the tracker takes it from there. Multiple objects can be tracked and redacted simultaneously in parallel. This new simplicity has allowed MotionDSP to further reduce the complexity of the user workflow.

Under the hood, Ikena Spotlight 7 features a new 64-bit architecture which allows it to work seamlessly with high resolution, 4K video. Users will see the same easy-to-use interface, but will find working with large resolution files faster and smoother.

“Our users are seeing their video redaction workloads continue to increase as their departments need to release all types of video to the public: body-cams, in-car video, municipal surveillance cameras, and mobile phones.” said Sean Varah, CEO of MotionDSP.  “They need a video redaction tool that can work quickly and accurately, and that is easy to learn and use. Ikena Spotlight 7 answers this need by using the very latest in computer vision technology to simplify the user’s workflow, not make it more complicated.”

Ikena Spotlight 7 can track multiple objects simultaneously

Other improvements in Ikena Spotlight 7 include:

  • Undo feature: allows user actions to be easily undone
  • Simplified audio redaction workflow: speeds up obscuring spoken names in audio
  • 1/8th playback speed option: allows careful review of redaction results
  • Fast transcoding on import: for users who require absolutely precise frame accuracy, files can be quickly transcoded to a non-intra-frame format for redaction

Ikena Spotlight 7 is available now for purchase, and as a free upgrade for users with current software maintenance. Live webinars are open for sign-up. Contact MotionDSP sales for more information.

About MotionDSP

MotionDSP is a leading provider of advanced image processing and computer vision software for public safety, security, and government applications. Over the last 12 years, we’ve stayed true to our mission of helping customers extract critical information from video in a wide variety of industries including law enforcement, military, oil and gas, forestry, inspection services, energy, transportation and more.

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