MotionDSP CEO to present on GPU-accelerated WAMI processing at the Full Motion Video Conference

May 8, 2013

MotionDSP CEO to present on GPU-accelerated WAMI processing at the Full Motion Video Conference

Speech to Address How Recent Advances in GPU Architecture Enable New Capabilities for FMV and WAMI Processing

Burlingame, CA., May 7, 2013 – MotionDSP, a Silicon Valley-based company that develops advanced, real-time image processing software for video enhancement and analytics, enabling full-motion video (FMV) analysts to see better and deliver better real-time intelligence to the warfighter, will be presenting and exhibiting at the Full Motion Video Conference. 

Who: Dr. Sean Varah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, MotionDSP

What: Dr. Varah will deliver a speech entitled “New GPU Architecture: Enabling New FMV/WAMI Capabilities.” The address will focus on new graphics processors (GPUs), such as NVIDIA’s Kepler series, and how they enable several new capabilities that are critical to FMV/WAMI PED: multi-channel real-time video improvement, real-time processing of WAMI data, and new VDI/cloud capabilities.

Where: Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge, 1900 North Fort Meyer Drive, Arlington, VA 22209, Virginia

When: Dr. Varah will deliver his speech on Wednesday, May 22 2013, 4:30 pm.

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About MotionDSP

Headquartered in Burlingame, California, MotionDSP is a leading innovator in advanced, GPU-accelerated image processing software for Full Motion Video. MotionDSP’s “Ikena” (Ee-Kehn-Ah) family of products dramatically improve the quality of video captured by a wide range of sources–from surveillance cameras to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in law enforcement, commercial security, and military applications. Winner of two Air Force Rapid Innovation Fund contracts, MotionDSP’s solutions support operational deployments within the US Department of Defense and National Intelligence agencies, and its customers also include the US Air Force, Navy, US Intelligence, and the world’s leading video forensic labs such as the US Secret Service, NCIS, and the London Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard).


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